Shannon de Lima teaches style with a corset and wide leg

shannon delime is the ex-partner of Mark Anthony. Although the model was well known in her country of origin for her personal works, she catapulted to world fame after marrying the renowned salsa dancer. The Puerto Rican is currently married to Nadia Ferreira with whom he is very close to having his child.

Some weeks ago, Nadia He held the baby shower for his little boy, or girl, since they did not want to anticipate the sex of the baby. The decoration of the baby welcome event was decorated with small animals such as lions and giraffes. It was held on the yacht shared by the couple.

Mark Anthony He did not attend his son’s celebration because the date coincided with the graduation of Cristian Muñiz, one of the artist’s children with Dayanara Torres, his first wife. The young man graduated from Illustration at the prestigious Parsons School of Art in New York. The dancer posed in the networks with his ex-partner for the well-being of his son.

Marc Anthony at his son’s graduation. Source: Instagram @marcanthony

just a few hours ago Nadia He showed in his Instagram stories that he has a playlist on Spotify to make him listen to nothing more and nothing less than Mozart songs for the little one. For her part, Shannon is oblivious to her ex-husband’s private life and is working on new campaigns.

Shannon de Lima with corset and wide leg. Source: Instagram @shadelima

In the last hours, the ex of Mark She posed in her stories wearing a wide leg paired with a white corset that further highlighted her Caribbean tan. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most successful combinations to carry out an informal look but no less elegant for that.