Shannon de Lima: this is what Marc Anthony’s ex-partner currently measures and weighs

shannon delime She is a renowned Venezuelan model whose name transcends international limits since she has imposed her mark on the world of fashion. She owns a particular beauty that has allowed her to rank among the most prestigious in the world.

Shannon de Lima posing. Source: Instagram @shadelima

She is 34 years old and part of her fame arose from having been the third wife of the American artist Mark Anthony. Even many media highlighted that Shannon de Lima had an excellent relationship with the children of the salsa singer and even lived with one of her ex, Jennifer Lopez. The love between the two lasted only three years and each one took their own path.

Shannon de Lima and Marc Anthony posing. Source: Instagram

“After a period of consideration, we have mutually and amicably decided to end our two-year marriage. We ask for your space and privacy during this difficult process. Neither of us will issue any further comments on the matter,” they jointly announced in a statement.

Shannon de Lima’s post on Instagram

The separation of shannon delime and Mark Anthony always had a certain attraction for the press. In the first instance, to try to reveal the reasons that marked the end of love, and secondly because when they divorced it was learned that the singer had to pay him 3 million dollars, for three years, for maintenance and had to give him two luxurious apartments.

Shannon de Lima posing. Source: Instagram @shadelima

Beyond all that, the Venezuelan model has had a career on the rise and has more than 2.5 million followers on her social networks. She recently surprised everyone by answering a few questions on instagram and the one that caught the most attention was the one related to their weight and height. “1.75 and I weigh 60 kgs. If the days were good, 62 kgs ”, he confessed shannon delime and flaunted her stylized figure that she maintains thanks to her fitness life.