Shara puts all our inner light into the single Useless: video

My name is Chiara Del Giudice in art Shara, I currently live in Piedimonte Matese and I was born in Alife, also in the province of Caserta. I present to you my third song “Useless“released on December 8, written by me, Remo Elia, Damiano Zannetti and Filippo Scandroglio (La Mia Song). It is a pop song – electronic, rhythmic, modern, with fresh and new sounds. The sound is very close to the sounds international while remaining on the new Italian style currently in vogue. The song is about a toxic love story in which there is a need for more love, where we understand the need to undress from something that is close to us and does not leave us freedom. The writing of the text was inspired by personal and non-personal experiences, and I decided to combine the two by writing a piece on this topic, very current today. I want to communicate to young women like myself how important it is to believe in themselves, working on their sense of esteem and awareness.

My desire to “shine”, to have “vital light” in my eyes and that desire not to be trapped are described in the text as a challenge: <“… look at me while I’m, naked just for me, without a” useless “dress ….. I don’t need to know what you don’t like about me …..” >> , thus highlighting the willpower to distance myself from a love that has not been able to give me anything. The official video clip was shot by Giuseppe Iadonisi in a showroom in Piedimonte Matese (CE), the “Arredamenti Basileo” store. In this location we recreated an intimate atmosphere and the director was able to perfectly grasp what I intended to communicate. I love this song, for the sonority, the lyrics and the grit it provokes. “Useless“it’s my third song after”Everyday“released in 2020 and”Give me a reason“released in June 2021.

I have been attending a singing school for 5 years and from there I started doing regional, national and international competitions, obtaining excellent results and satisfactions. For me, music is everything, it’s the only thing that has always been in my life. It is a cure, like singing, a passion that I have had since the age of 5 and that has grown more and more over the years. Like all girls my age I am often indecisive and fickle in private life, but the one thing I’ve always been sure and determined about since I was a child is that I want to do this job in life, make music and express myself through it. My greatest desire is to sing for myself and for others, making those who listen to me excited and entertained and I will succeed.