Sharing to detoxify the environment, how NetZeroCities works

The made in Europe platform to achieve climate neutrality together

NetZeroCities, a new platform designed in Europe to allow cities to connect with each other, consult climate neutrality experts and access online solutions that reduce harmful emissions, has been released.

The platform was developed within the framework of the European project “100 smart and climate-neutral cities by 2030“, the so-called “Mission for the cities”.

European cities were invited to express their interest in the project in November 2021, the deadline for submitting applications was 31 January 2022. In a first phase, each expression of interest was assessed by independent experts, then the Commission applied further criteria to ensure a fair geographical distribution.

They have applied to join the “Mission for the cities” 377 European cities. The 100 selected, including the 9 Italian Bergamo, Bologna, Florence, Milan, Padua, Parma, Prato, Rome and Turin represent 12% of the European population.

The funds for the “100 smart cities” amount to €360 million in funding from Horizon Europe, for the period 2022-2023 and are used to launch innovation paths towards climate neutrality by 2030.

The project took shape starting from pollution data: urban areas host 75% of the EU population and globally cities consume over 65% of the world’s energy, causing over 70% of CO2 emissions. The 100 cities are at the center of research and innovation actions on clean mobility, energy efficiency and green urban planning. Joining the project offers the possibility of carrying out common initiatives and making each city’s efforts more effective.

Now this is also possible thanks to the tailor-made consultancy and assistance offered by the NetZeroCities platform

How NetZeroCities works

Through this portal cities can coordinate and help each other in the area of ​​sustainability, for example exchanging valuable data on the results obtained in your territory, quickly consult climate experts and the information they deem useful.

More specifically, as writes, NetZeroCities offers:

– a social networking space;

– an extensive library of case studies,

– information sheets, methods and videos;

– targeted networking groups;

– tools and models that help to trace the practical stages of the climate transition in the city

The portal is open and accessible to a variety of users and provides information on pathways to climate neutrality in cities. More than 1,900 users they have already joined and are connecting with each other. Not only the 100 municipalities selected by the Commission are eligible to benefit from the platform. NetZeroCities has developed several toolsi accessible to anyone in the belief that efforts, if shared, achieve better results.

Climate neutrality, the latest tools for cities and citizens

Among the most recent tools, as reported by, is the Climate Transition Map Tool: a very specific guide designed for Mission Cities but open to all those who want to take ambitious action on the climate. This resource allows users to view various step-by-step journey steps and navigate between templates, Study casesdatasheets, and other similar items.

If looking for a real library of information, a very useful tool is Knowledge Repository which allows users to browse through the latest resources and best practices towards climate neutrality. The database has filters and a search bar to make it quick and easy to find the latest information on a given topic.

Particularly interesting is the section algorithm Explore where an overview of the types of tools cities can use to reduce emissions, engage with stakeholders and measure progress is provided.

The sharing feature is amplified by the User Directory, where city professionals can reach out to their colleagues, join communities and even create groups.

The principle of sharing experience, which characterizes the entire project, is also found in the section Events where users stay up to date on engagement opportunities through webinars and other meetings. The experience is enhanced by the ability to manage the calendar to manage and – why not? – create webinars and discussions on current topics.

Finally, one financial guidance tool it will help cities identify financial options in their investment planning. It will be based on a decision matrix that helps define needs and identify a set of options appropriate to a city’s circumstances.

NetZeroCities is the symbol of how technology can help humans live a healthier life in a better environment.