Sharon Acker, Perry Mason’s secretary, has died

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Canadian actress Sharon Ackerbest known for her role as the efficient and brilliant Della Street Attorney Perry Mason’s secretary in the reboot of the famous show, is dead on March 16 at a nursing home in his hometown Toronto at the age of 87 years oldas announced by daughter Kim Everest a The Hollywood Reporter. In 1973, seven years after the conclusion of the nine-season original series starring Raymond Burr as the iconic defense attorney and Barbara Hale as his faithful secretary, network television cbs had restarted the series Perry Mason in fifteen episodes starring Monte Markham and Acker.


Acker drew a rich television resumein which the participation in the episode stands out Gideon’s mark in the third season of Star Trek (1969) as Odona, a desperate woman from an overpopulated planet. Then appear among the last appearances on the small screen 4-legged policeman (1988) and The fever of love (1992). Less numerous, however, are the cinematic experienceswhich include the first role in the United States in the classic noir Without a moment’s respite (1967) directed by John Boorman. In the film, Acker played Lynne, the unfaithful wife of Walker (played by Lee Marvin) who strikes up a relationship with Mal Reese (played by John Vernon) after he shoots and leaves her husband for dead following the robbery of a courier to Alcatraz. When Walker returns seeking vengeance and her loot, he mistreats Lynne and sprays her bed with bullets. To promote the film, the actress posed as a model on the pages of the magazine life.