Sharon Stone: “I was sexually harassed by the former head of Sony Pictures”

For the first time Sharon Stone has revealed that she was sexually harassed by a former head of Sony Pictures. In an interview given in an episode of the podcast Let’s Talk Off Camera by Kelly Ripa, the actress recalled the episode that occurred in the eightiesearly in his career and long before the international success of films like Basic Instinct. At the time, the presidents of the production company founded in 1987 were Peter Guber and Jon Peters, the latter of whom in 2011, after accusations of sexual harassment made by a former assistant, received a compensation sentence of 3.3 Millions of dollars. Stone did not reveal the identity of the protagonist of the story, but recounted every remaining detail of the meeting in the former boss’s office. After taking a seat on the couch, Stone received a series of flattery: “Oh, it’s true what they say about you and that you are the most beautiful. We haven’t seen anyone like you in decades. Everyone talks about you and looks at you. You are the most articulate. You’re so smart and beautiful and that hair.” The former boss had approached: ““But first…” e he waved his penis in my face” Stone said. “Of course I was very young and as I do when I’m nervous, I started laughing. I started laughing and crying at the same time and I couldn’t stop because I became hysterical. I wasn’t able to stop, so he didn’t know what to do. So, naturally, he zipped up his pants and left through a door behind the desk.” Stone remained motionless until a secretary showed her the exit. “This was not the last of many absurd experiences like this in my career.”


In 2018, in full explosion of #MeToo movementStone had given an interview to CBS Sunday Morning and, when asked if she had been victim of sexual harassment or assault, he replied: “I have been in the industry for 40 years. Can you imagine what the industry I entered 40 years ago was like? I’ve seen all the colors”.