Sharp, a dehumidifier to improve home air quality

Dehumidification of environments is always useful especially in the presence of allergies. Many allergens such as dust mites and mold thrive in humid environments and therefore a dehumidifier can be the solution to improve comfort in your home.

Cellar proof

Our test focused on a place that is stressed by the variation of temperatures both in summer and in winter. Situation that often if not monitored can cause humidity and mold to appear on the walls. Once installed, simply choose the location and plug it in, you’re done. From the control panel located in the upper part it is possible to set the desired humidification level and the LED display will indicate the purification levels in real time.

How does it work

The swinging deflector allows the dry air to spread evenly to all areas of the room. In this way, dehumidification of the affected area is ensured. A fan is used to draw moist air into the dehumidifier where it is directed onto a cold surface called the “evaporator”. The water condenses on the evaporator surface and drips into the water tank. The now cooled air is then passed through a condenser where it is heated before being discharged to the outside via the exhaust duct.

Data sheet

  • Capacity of 20L per day
  • Easy to use
  • Clean design
  • 3.8L water tank
  • Casters
  • Auto restart function
  • Humidity display