‘Shatterproof’, Nick Schilder’s single on Italian radio

After the success in the Netherlands, the Dutch artist debuts in Italy. The video clip accompanying the release made by the Ukrainian director and crew

‘Shatterproof’ is the debut solo single by Dutch artist Nick Schilder, which after its debut in the Netherlands arrives on Italian radio via X Energy/Believe. Ukraine, still one of the hot fronts among the now numerous global war scenarios, is a land of great tradition and culture, and the ‘Shatterproof’ video stages one of the noblest chapters of its tradition: classical ballet. ‘Why can’t the heart of man be unbreakable’? The fundamental concept of the song is based on this question extracted from the refrain of ‘Shatterproof’ (unbreakable, in fact), which finds its counterpoint in the setting of classical dance. How much fragility exists behind the iron discipline of the academic world of ballet, how easy it is to find yourself alone in a context constantly oscillating between collaboration and competition.

Made by the Ukrainian director Katheryna Lesyk, who fled her country and made use of a troupe of fellow countrymen, the clip features the dancer of the Ukrainian National Ballet, who acts with Nick Schilder. The underlying theme, the concept of knowing how to adapt to the most shocking changes in life, is enhanced by the images of the video but also by what we don’t see. The workers involved in the production, as well as the director and the protagonist, had their relatives at the front while they were filming. We follow the dancer when she has general rehearsals with the dance troupe, while she finds herself alone, in her solitude, in the changing rooms, behind the scenes before a performance: and on all these occasions Nick Schilder is present there, like the angel invisible guardian of ‘The Sky Over Berlin’ but without wings.

Electronic folk, synthetic songwriting, with hints of classicism like the entire arpeggiated introduction. The ingredients get confused, the analogue of a piano, with the 0s and 1s of a loopstation. “The song – says the artist – was born entirely from my subconscious. The melody flowed effortlessly and the lyrics accurately describe the emotions I’ve been feeling recently. The United Ukrainian Ballet’s performance of the song took it to another level, as seen in the music video, and it moved me deeply. The combination of a singer-songwriter approach with electronic influences thrilled me.” Nick Schilder is very popular in the Netherlands, also because this first solo song comes after a 17-year (among other successful) career as part of a band, as half of the popular Dutch duo Nick & Simon.