Shawn Mendes and the “healing process” by which he prioritized mental health

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In an interview given to Wall Street Journal Shawn Mendesthat theor last year canceled the remaining dates of Wonder: The World Tour to take a break and focus on her mental health, he recounted the healing journey that has now resulted in the creation of new music. “The process was very difficult. A lot of therapy, a lot of trying to figure out how I felt and what made me feel that way,” said the singer, also supported along the way by loved ones. Mendes has described the last year and a half as “the most enlightening and maturing and beautiful and healing process of my life” that has drawn the lines between listening to self and to others. “Understand that draw boundaries it doesn’t make you a rude person it really changed my life,” she explained. “And also understanding that it is not easy. It’s a difficult thing. You don’t feel comfortable. It makes other people feel uncomfortable for a moment, but ultimately it’s a very powerful and helpful gesture to make for all relationships.”


Last year, after the long break from concerts due to the pandemic, Mendes had planned to return to the stage, “but the truth is that I wasn’t quite ready”, because “it became clearer that I needed to take the time than not I had never taken myself personally, to find myself and come back stronger”. The singer thanked all the people who have shown understanding for his choices, a sign not only of closeness, but also of a profound cultural change in a society in which “mental health is really becoming a priority”.