“She almost cried with anxiety”: Gerry Scotti, the incredible background

On Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni Gerry Scotti reveals an unexpected background on one of his very popular programs: truly incredible!

More and more loved by the public, Gerry Scotti he has conducted and still conducts programs that are invariably great successes. Sympathy, cheerfulness and professionalism have made it a true pillar of Italian TV for decades and it is enough to watch an episode of the formats in which he is involved to realize that TV is a second home for him.

Gerry Scotti unpublished revelation (Credits: Instagram)

If in the role of judge he wins us every Saturday evening a You yes que vales, as a presenter he is certainly no less. From Word of mouth to The Show of Recordsfrom The Bullfight to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, its broadcasts have made history. We are currently seeing the good Virginio in another of the most successful early evening quizzes of him alias Free fall that this week crossed the finish line of 1000 bets.

Right here, the conductor originally from Miradolo Terme opened the new season with a few ‘digs’ at Rai which we told you about a few weeks ago and which certainly did not go unnoticed. Interviewed by Tv Smiles and Songsspoke about the important result achieved with Free fall also revealing some curious anecdote that will leave you somewhat surprised.

Gerry Scotti, that background on one of the competitors: incredible episode

To the well-known weekly, Scotti revealed among other things the real reason that led to the cancellation of The Wallanother of his most recent successes: “You could win 300 thousand euros every night and such a prize pool is unmanageable”.

Returning to Caduta Libera, he recalled that the champion remained most in the hearts of viewers so far remains the young man Nicolò Scalfi: “The most beloved remains Nicolò Scalfi, but Christian Fregoni, the lifeguard from Brescia, was also very well received by the public”. He also explained the metaphor of the famous trap door from which losing competitors are catapulted: “In life you may fall, you get up and try again”. A rule that we should all always keep in mind, and a good example in this sense could be that of Gabriele Giorgio, who after some difficulties managed to claim the title of champion.

What not many know is that the first 48 episodes of the game show were not filmed in Italy. You will remember instead that the first episode saw some well-known faces of the entertainment world in the race, such as Valeria Marini and Amaurys Perez. Currently, the first is competing in Such and Which Showwhile the second is locked up in the house of the GF Vip 7.

On the blonde showgirl, Gerry said that on the hatch he did not want to take off his heels: “The firefighters intervened. Then we went to the restaurant to toast. It brought well “. Certainly the idea of ​​falling at any moment is not much loved by everyone and apparently not even by the strong Cuban gieffino. In this regard, the presenter unveiled a surprising episode: Amaurys Perez, two meters tall, almost crying with anxiety ”.

Gerry Scotti incredible backstory
Gerry Scotti surprising anecdote (Credits: Big Brother Mediaset)

Would you ever have said that?