She came out of the closet: she got engaged to the famous footballer, the first couple photo

She got engaged to the famous footballer: finally she came out and the first couple photo arrives, how cute!

The well-known influencer after her latest breakup with her ex-boyfriend, has returned to smile in the arms of a well-known footballer. Did you understand who it is?

She got engaged to the famous football player: first couple photo! (Source Instagram)

This new love was revealed by the direct interested through her social profile. She shared a story again on the evening of December 17, which sees her embraced by the new flame. It would seem that the two have been dating since this summer, but they had never confirmed or denied this alleged relationship. The rumor had been circulating for some time and the two had given only a few small clues, such as the comment of him under a photo of the Neapolitan influencer, who wrote: “I can not be without you”, leaving little room for misunderstandings. And finally they came out by posting a sweet shot together.

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She got engaged to the famous footballer: the first couple photo arrives

After the breakup with the ex Nicolò Zaniolo, the twenty-three year old originally from Naples, reveals the new relationship with another footballer. It’s about the influencer Chiara Nasti and her new boyfriend Mattia Zaccagni, player of the Lazio but originally from Cesena. There had already been rumors of their frequentation for some time, in fact the two had been caught several times together, both at Gardaland this summer, be on vacation a Ibiza with some friends.

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she got engaged to the famous footballer
Source Instagram

Now the confirmation is official and Chiara Nasti shares on his Instagram from almost 2 million followers, a black and white photo, kissing and hugging her new love. Further confirmation also comes from the last post published by Nasti, where we see the smiling couple. It would also appear that Chiara Nasti, who has always had a passion for tattoos, made a small dedication to her boyfriend by tattooing the letter M, initial of Mattia, on his wrist. Then filed the story with the ex Nicolò Zaniolo, probably due to a rapprochement of the latter with the ex, Sara Scaperotta. In the past, Nasti has had other famous acquaintances, such as with the manager Emanuele Borriello and the rapper Emis Killa.

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Many congratulations to the new couple, we are curious to see how their love story will go.