She came out of the closet: the actress shows everyone her boyfriend, who he is and what he does

The actress has finally come out into the open with her new boyfriend: she has found love again! Who is he and what does he do in life?

It was already for some time that the gossip magazines claimed that the actress had a new one fiance, but only now the beloved Italian face has chosen to go out at the discovery. It is just a few hours ago, through a series of shots shared on Instagram, that the young Italian interpreter showed everyone her new boyfriend.

Actress comes out of the closet. Credits: Instagram

Only a few months ago, Diva and Donna had launched the indiscretion on the end of her previous love story that was culminating in a very romantic marriage. Now to confirm the new relationship – after months and months of indiscretions – it was the direct interest of her.

With a series of shots that show everyone her summer of love, the actress wanted to ‘present’ her new boyfriend to her social audience. Unfortunately, we have very little information about their romance, how long they have been together and how they met. What is important to know, however, is that the actress sports a rather happy smile.

The actress comes out with her new boyfriend: who is he?

As well as Alba Parietti, who recently told of having finally found happiness next to her partner, it would seem that even her beloved actress Italian has found love again after the end of her previous affair. It had been months, as we said a moment ago, that news of this kind had followed one another, but only now did the young woman want to go out to the discovery with his new fiance, presenting it to his followers. Did she want to be sure of her relationship before publicly ‘showing’ it? Most likely yes! On the other hand, it is not even said that you have to show everything on social media, right !?

After the end of her previous romance with a famous actor after almost three years of relationship, Alessandra Mastronardi is in love again. And these shots shared on social networks give us confirmation. Who is he? And above all, what does he do in life? According to what is learned from the young man’s Instagram profile – unfortunately, very armored – it would seem that the actress’s boyfriend does not belong to the world of entertainment at all, but that he does something else in life. From his Instagram bio, in fact, it is clear that the young man is a dentist and that he does not have Italian origins. His name is Gian and, apparently, he is not a social type at all. His channel, in fact, has only 46 published posts.

“Our invincible summer”, Alessandra Mastronardi writes together with some shots that describe not only her vacation, but also the deep bond that binds her to her current partner. Who is he? There he is:

actress boyfriend discovered
Boyfriend Alessandra Mastronardi. Credits: Instagram

Needless to tell you the reaction from its supporters! As soon as they learned of her current sentimental status, many of her flocked to the post in question to wish her well. To these, of course, we cannot fail to add ours too!