She had the facelift but then she regretted it: she wouldn’t do it again and she explains the reason to everyone

Admired by all for her timeless charm, she confesses to Vogue that she had had a facelift in the past and regretted it.

Retouching one’s face to try to rejuvenate it is now a widespread trend among both VIPs and ordinary people. A temptation that stars especially find it hard to resist, but which sometimes ends up damaging them, visibly worsening their appearance.

Facelift movie star (Credits: Instagram)

Then there are those who become a slave to it, losing the perception of their image to the point of being willing to undergo continuous treatments. An undoubtedly harmful practice that too often is taken lightly, almost as if it were a game. Over the years we have seen several famous women radically change their traits and paradoxically obtain the opposite effect to the desired one.

And that’s really a shame, since in most cases they wouldn’t even need it. An American actress, who has always been considered an icon of beauty and elegance, has also recently expressed herself on this topic. At 84 she is still gorgeous and no one would ever imagine her true age. Last April she declared: “Being close to death doesn’t bother me, you can be very old at 60 and very young at 85”.

Interviewed by the well-known magazine Vogueadmitted to having resorted to the lifting once and regretting it: “I did, I admit, but if I had to go back I don’t know if I would do it again.”

She resorted to a facelift but had an afterthought: that’s why she wouldn’t do it again

The star we are talking about is the American diva Jane Fonda, symbol of a beauty that does not seem scratched by the passage of time. Unlikely as it may seem, you just long ago thought you had to resort to liftingbut now he confesses that it wasn’t the right choice.

In fact, she decided not to repeat the experience: “I had a facelift and stopped because I don’t want to look deformed. I don’t know if I would do it again, ”she tells Vogue. The blonde interpreter of the Netflix series Grace and Frankie in which he stars with Lily Tomlin, he explained that in his opinion many women, having the economic possibility, have tried any type of facelift and their appearance has become horrible.

She herself fell into the ‘mistake’: “I had a facelift and stopped because I don’t want to look deformed. Nor am I proud of having done so ”. In fact, she fears that she could become an addiction: “many women are addicted and do not even realize it”.

Jane Fonda therefore prefers to preserve her beauty by leading a healthy and balanced life. She doesn’t sleep less than eight hours a day, she tries to eat properly, she keeps moving, she doesn’t get too much sun. Finally, her little big ‘secret’: “I have good friends who make me laugh. Laughing is a good thing ”.

Revelation facelift actress (Credits: Instagram)

Congratulations to this great class artist!