She has just turned 23 and is engaged to a footballer: she is the daughter of the famous singer

She is 23, engaged to a footballer and the daughter of a famous singer: do you know who we are talking about? She is really beautiful.

Beautiful and very young: these are the adjectives that we could use to describe the charm of this beautiful girl. Neapolitan doc, her name is Annachiara. And he’s only 23 years old.

She is the girlfriend of a football player and daughter of a famous singer: did you recognize her? Photo Source: Instagram

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Really beautiful, right? As we said previously, her name is Annachiara, she has Neapolitan origins and she is there girlfriend of a football player. The ‘surprises’, however, did not end there at all. Because if you also notice a resemblance to a famous Italian singer, you are absolutely right! The very young girl portrayed in the photo, in fact, is none other than the daughter of a famous and well-known Neapolitan, but above all Italian, interpreter. Are you ready to discover everything in the smallest detail? Rest assured, we’ll take care of it immediately!

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She is 23 and engaged to a footballer: do you know who her father is?

It is precisely on her Instagram channel that the very young girl is a real star, as well as being really loved. Usually sharing everything with her social audience, Annachiara never misses an opportunity to be able to show herself in the company of her family, but also of her boyfriend. Currently happily in love with a footballer, the young Neapolitan is, often and willingly, the protagonist of truly romantic and truly enchanting shots. But not only. As we said previously, the young Annachiara usually shows herself in the company of her family. Speaking of which, do you know who his father is?

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Girlfriend of the young football player Salvatore Santoro, currently in the Pistoiese squad, the young Annachiara is also known for being the beautiful daughter of a famous singer. Who are we talking about? Well. If you look carefully at the photo, you will not struggle at all to grasp its similarity. Southern beauty and Mediterranean colors, the very young Sorrentino is none other than the daughter of Sal Da Vinci. Tell us the truth: did you recognize it?

soccer player girlfriend
Photo Source: Instagram

Here she is together with her splendid mom and her legendary dad! What are you waiting for? If you don’t want to miss any kind of update on Annachiara, run and follow her on social networks. You will not regret it!