She is a mother for the first time, but the announcement of the actress displaces everyone: no one would have imagined it

She became a mother for the first time, but the announcement of the beloved Italian actress really displaces everyone: no one would have imagined it.

Rumors about her alleged pregnancy had been running for some time, but the actress had never confirmed or denied them. Now, some time after her very first indiscretion that she saw her pregnant with her first child, she the interpreter broke the silence and announced that she had become mom for the first time.

Mom for the first time. Credits: instagram

It is precisely through an Ansa statement that the Italian actress revealed to everyone that she became a mother just under a month ago. “Anna was born on Friday 16 September. The birth of my daughter is an immense joy that today I am happy to share “, revealed. While the announcement of her eldest daughter’s arrival is an event to celebrate – just as it did recently with the ex-suitor of Men and Women, there is another. announcement to which the beloved actress has let herself go, displacing everyone.

She is a successful actress, yet particularly ‘jealous’ of her private sphere and not inclined to talk about herself, it is precisely for this reason that the announcement just made has left everyone speechless.

The actress became a mother for the first time, but the announcement leaves you speechless: what she said

Unfortunately, not all love stories are destined to last forever. And so, after the unsettling divorce of Ilary Blasi and Francesco – about which we recently told you the latest twist – even the actress’s very long relationship with her partner has come to an end. The final word, according to what is learned from the statements of both to Ansa, would seem to have arrived in the summer of 2021 after 15 years of engagement. Their relationship, therefore, has come to an end, yet – as told by the direct interested party – her ex-partner was still close to her when she discovered she was pregnant with another man. “When I found out, my relationship had already ended for several months”, the actress declared to Ansa in announcing the birth of her first daughter and formalizing the end of her love story.

The announcement of the actress Cristiana Capotondi has left everyone speechless! That she was becoming a mother for the first time, many already knew – even if she had never been confirmed – but that her ten-year relationship with Andrea Pezzi had ended was still a ‘secret’. Despite this, however, the two continue to be on excellent terms, so much so that the actress has asked her ex-partner to stay with her throughout her pregnancy. “It came natural to me to seek Andrea’s protection and complicity, our affection and bond remain so strong”, he said.

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Cristiana Capotondi mother. Credits: Instagram

We take this opportunity to send our sincere wishes to Cristiana Capotondi for the birth of her little Anna.