She is in love again! The first photo of the couple makes a boom of likes: great joy for the fans

After the end of her love story, she is in love again: she publishes the first couple photo and makes a boom of likes, great joy among the fans.

Which was in love again, he had made it clear to his supporters in various Instagram Stories, but now we have the confirmation: the heart of the former face of a very popular Mediaset broadcast beats again!

She is in love again: explosion of joy among the fans. Credits: Instagram

On their respective social channels, it is customary to share everything. There are those who prefer to appear natural, those who participate in happy events and those who, on the other hand, communicate very important work news. The protagonist of our today’s article, on the other hand, has chosen to use her Instagram profile to share a truly great event with her supporters: she has found love again. Immediately after her participation in a famous program, the very young girl entered the hearts of the whole Italian public. And she has garnered an impressive following on social media. It is precisely for this reason that she never misses an opportunity to communicate and interact with her supporters, but also to share very important news with them. Do you know who we are talking about?

She’s in love again: the first couple photo!

After the end of his love story, the former face of Mediaset is finally here in love again! To communicate it, it was the direct interested party on social media with the first couple photo. She had hinted at something in the past months, but only a few days ago she wanted to make her supporters share in her joy of hers. We are talking about Jessica Battistello, a former competitor of Temptation Island.

Those who follow the beautiful Jessica know very well that – after having definitively ended her relationship with Andrea Filomena – she had chosen to return to Santo Domingo to her family. A few weeks ago, however, the return to Italy. The reason? Very simple: she has found love and now she wants to live it fully! Unfortunately, we have very little information on the guy who is making Jessica’s heart beat again. What we managed to steal from her Instagram profile is that his name is Stefano. We do not know how long the two have been a steady couple, but what you can’t help but notice is how much their harmony and their feeling is skyrocketing.

in love again
Credits: Instagram

We wish you both well!

Remember his journey to Temptation Island?

For those who do not remember, Jessica Battistello attended Temptation Island with her partner Andrea Filomena in 2019. The two should have married before their participation in the program, but she – despite everything being organized – had chosen to postpone the wedding. From the docu-reality of the couples, the two came out separated, but after a few months they decided to try again. About a year ago, however, the announcement of their definitive breakup. As of today, therefore, their paths have separated forever!