She is loved by men and women, but how has Ida Platano changed over the years?

Ida Platano is one of the most loved ladies of men and women, but are you curious to see how she has changed in all these years? You will be speechless.

It has been on the air for many years. And there are just as many people who, edition after edition, took turns in the television studio of the dating show. And they have been able to win a place in the hearts of all its audience. Among them, there is no doubt her: Ida Platano!

How has Ida Platano changed since her debut in Men and Women? Credits: Youtube

Among the most loved ladies of the female parterre of Men and Women, Ida Platano he is among those who have been most able to get involved. At first with the knowledge and splendid love story with Riccardo Guarnieri until the last acquaintance with the knight Alessandro, the beautiful Sicilian hairdresser has never lost the opportunity to be able to demonstrate how enormous the desire to fall in love with her is. Have you ever wondered, though, how has it changed all these years? We know very well that his first entry into the TV studio of Men and Women took place several years ago, but how did he show himself in those years? Well. We were able to trace a shot of him from the past: you will be truly amazed.

How has Ida Platano changed in all these years of Men and Women? You will never believe it

It’s been a while since Ida Platano, for the first time ever, she set foot in the studio of Men and Women, but it would seem that her beauty has not been affected by time at all. To date, the Sicilian lady is among the most sought-after women in the male parterre. And even if Platano prefers to proceed with lead feet in a relationship, given all the disappointments received, she too never misses an opportunity to get involved.

You are curious, however, to see how has it changed all these years? As mentioned earlier, even if years have passed since her debut on TV, Ida Platano seems to have not changed at all. Don’t believe our words? Take a look here:

ida platano how it has changed
Credits: Instagram

Apparently, it would seem that in the shot shown above, Ida was at the very beginning of her journey to Men and Women. To date, however, she is one of the pillars of the program. Have you noticed too? Whether it is at the beginning or not, it can be said that the Platano had not changed at all. It was splendid and it has remained splendid. Do you agree?