She is no longer part of the broadcast and explains in what relationship she remained with Maria De Filippi

She is no longer part of the transmission: now she explains in what relationship she remained with Maria De Filippi.

All the broadcasts that we usually see with the autumn season are about to start. Monday, September 12 starts Men and women, with new tronista and tronista. A few days later there is the debut of Tu si que vales and on September 18th the new edition of Amici di Maria De Filippi starts. In recent months, the castings to choose the new students have gone on. In the first episode we will find out who will be the talents who will face the path this year. The program has undergone changes in recent years, due to the covid.

Absent in the broadcast (credits: youtube)

For example, if the boys used to return home for the Christmas holidays, this is no longer the case but they spend the holidays together to avoid having contact with the outside world. If this happens, they must comply with a quarantine period. Also there are no more dances with professionals, or rather there are but the two steps are danced at a certain distance or you prefer to make the students dance among themselves.

The twenty-second edition is about to start but apparently someone will no longer be present in the cast. Recently, intercepted by SuperGuida TV during the Venice Film Festival, she explained that she remained with Mari De Filippi.

He is no longer part of the broadcast: now he reveals in what relationship he is today with Maria De Filippi

Amici is about to leave, the first episode will be held on September 18th. Also this year mediaset has decided to focus on Sunday. In recent weeks there have been many rumors about possible new competitors, someone known, and about the new class of professors.

By now it seems certain that behind the counter there will be the return of Arisa as a singing teacher and a new entry in the dance. Emanuel Lo will be the new dance teacher and will work alongside Alessandra Celentano and Raimondo Todaro. Apparently, as you will have understood, Veronica Peparini will not be part of the new edition of Amici. We do not know if it is a greeting or a real goodbye to the program. But she is not the only one we will not see in the new edition. Also Anna Pettinelli will not be there. The radio speaker confirmed this to SuperGuida TV. She was in fact intercepted at the Venice Film Festival and explained in what relationship she remained with Maria de Filippi.

it is not part of the transmission
It is not part of the broadcast (credits: youtubr)

Anna specified that the experience with Amici was wonderful and fun and that she remained with the presenter on excellent terms: “Don’t listen to the rumors, it’s really okay ”. Apparently there is no resentment between the former singing teacher and Maria. Indeed, it would seem, as revealed by Tv blog that there is some news in store for her, linked to the company of the presenter, the Fascino. It would also appear that she confirmed but didn’t add anything else.