She is the young Emma in All the fault of Freud: age, how her passion for acting, Instagram and private life was born

Who is the actress who plays Emma in Freud’s All Fault? Let’s get to know her better: age, Instagram, private life and how her passion for acting was born.

Finally lands on Channel 5 Mediaset fiction, All Freud’s fault, taken from the film by Paolo Genovese. Among the many characters in the series we will see grappling with life Emma, one of the daughters of the protagonist, played by Claudio Bisio.

Who is Emma in All of Freud’s fault? (Source Instagram)

All Freud’s fault is the brand new series that will be broadcast starting from 1 December 2021. The protagonist is the psychotherapist Francesco Taramelli, played by the great Claudio Bisio. Among the characters we will know Emma, one of his three daughters. His dynamic character is about to leave for England in pursuit of his dream of becoming a famous influencer, but something will upset his plans. Who is the actress who plays Emma? Let’s find out more about her, starting from age, Instagram, private life and how his passion for acting was born.

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All Freud’s fault: Who is the actress who plays Emma?

The actress who plays the role of the very blonde Emma is called Demetra Bellina, was born in Udine in 1995 and is very young! At just 26, she has very clear ideas and a passion for cinema has accompanied her since she was a child. Spying on his profile Instagram from ten thousand followers, one immediately senses his love for acting and the icons of the past. Shots of his icy eyes alternate with photos on the set.

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Emma in All the fault of Freud
Source Instagram

Regarding his private life Demetra Bellina she is very focused on her work, but she also has many passions such as painting, writing and especially music. In an interview with Vanity Fair revealed that she would very much like to act in a musical, as it would combine acting and singing. The boyfriend topic is a mystery, the beautiful actress is very reserved about this and there has never been any evidence of a public affair. Among the most successful films in which he took part we can find Youtopia, From father to daughter And Do not kill 2. From what Demetra Bellina told a Vanity Fair, his passion for acting started when he was about 8 years old, watching Men prefer blondes, with Marilyn Monroe. “From that moment on I realized that I wanted to be like her,” explained the beautiful actress.

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We can’t wait to see her in the new series All Freud’s fault coming up on Channel 5.