She leaves Beautiful for another television engagement: bad news for fans

She leaves Beautiful for another television engagement: bad news for fans of the Canale 5 soap opera.

There are those who have been following him for a few years and those who, on the other hand, were in front of the small screen back in 1987. Beautiful is one of the longest-running soap operas in the history of TV series and has kept audiences around the world company for 35 years.

Beautiful (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

The first episode in America aired in March ’87, but arrived in Italy in 1990. Since that moment, the events of the Forrester family have conquered Italian viewers, for whom the one with the Canale 5 soap is become a real fixture. To make the plot more and more interesting are also the continuous new arrivals in the cast: new actors, or old ones who return, contribute to creating interesting intrigues and dynamics. For someone who arrives, however, there are those who leave. In the past few hours, in this regard, news has arrived that will not please fans of the character. The actress, in fact, has been hired in another famous American soap opera and, at least for the moment, will greet Beautiful. That’s who it is.

The actress leaves Beautiful to start a new adventure on TV: that’s who she is

Sheila Carter’s is just the first in a series of returns to the cast of Beautiful. Certainly, however, it is the least welcome. The Forresters were literally shocked to see one of their bitterest enemies back in their own home. And the situation could only get worse when Sheila revealed to everyone that she was Finn’s biological mom, right in the middle of the marriage between him and Steffy. A shocking truth, which will forever change the lives of the protagonists. As we said, however, there will also be sensational new arrivals.

We will meet again in Los Angeles the beloved Taylor Hayes, ex-wife of Ridge and mother of Steffy and Thomas. The woman, who will return to the scene with the face of another actress, will be inserted again in the marriage of Ridge and Brooke, recreating the historical love triangle. But that’s not all: the legendary Deacon Sharpe, Brooke’s former flame and Hope’s father, will also return. He too will have a fundamental role and will be an obstacle to the serenity of ‘Bridge’. Many beloved characters return, but some will walk away. Someone we have seen again on stage in these episodes, in Italy. Who are we talking about?

Sweet Pamela Douglas, Stephanie Forrester’s sister! A bizarre character who, over the years, has combined all sorts of things, like pretending that his mom Ann was dead. The woman reappeared, to great surprise, right during the wedding of Finn and Steffy, to join the celebrations of her family. A very welcome return from her fans, who, however, will have to give her back soon.

Pam has been in the series since 2006, although she is not a fixed character: for many months she is absent from the scenes or appears for short episodes. The return to the wedding scene of her beloved great-granddaughter Steffy had made us think of a possible return to the cast, but in the last few hours an important news has leaked concerning the actress who lends her face to Douglas. Alley Mills joins the cast of General Hospital! A new adventure for her that, therefore, will keep her away from the cast of Beautiful, at least for the moment?

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Pamela Douglas (Credits Mediaset Play)

Will we see her again on the soap opera in the future? At Beautiful, you know, the twists are always around the corner. And an iconic character like Pam could always be useful to writers to give the plot a bit of sparkle. And you, are you following the new episodes of Beautiful?