She lost a lot of weight in Vite al Limite, after the unthinkable happened: she would never have expected it

A Vite al Limite has lost many kilos, but what happened after the program is unthinkable: she would never have expected it.

He participated in Lives to the Limit to get back in shape, but she would never have imagined what happened once the spotlight of the docu-reality was turned off. Not only that, in fact, it is lost weight many kilos thanks to the diet and program imposed on her by Dr. Nowzaradan, but she was the protagonist of something immediately unthinkable after the program. Are you ready to know what happened to her too? You would never guess!

Lives to the Limit. Credits: Discovery

It was exactly 2015 when the public of Vite al Limite got to know the story of Bettie Jo Elmore, taking a complete interest in it. Joining the Houston clinic with a weight of 297 kg, the very young woman has clearly told Dr. Nowzaradan that she strongly intends to get back in shape to take back the reins of her life. What happened, however, during her journey to the clinic was really crazy: Bettie had to suddenly abandon her weight loss path! She wanted to lose weight, but the discovery of her first pregnancy slowed her rebirth. To this very pleasant discovery, however, an incredible drama is added: Elmore discovered that she had a mass at the height of the spine that could have caused her paralysis and thus chose to retire.

A Vite al Limite lost a lot of weight, but then the unthinkable happened: the story of Bettie Jo

Like Maja Radanovic, Bettie Jo also dropped out Lives to the Limit in the middle of the weight loss program. Unlike Angela Gutierrez, however, Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient left not because of her lack of cooperation, but because of the discovery of her first pregnancy and terrible bone mass. What, however, is more incredible is the fact that – once her first baby was born and the mass issue resolved – Bettie got back on track and lost a lot of weight. We tracked her down on her social media and discovered that even today – seven years after her participation in the program – Elmore looks in great shape.

How has Bettie’s life changed after Vite al Limite? Dr. Nowzaradan’s young patient would never have expected everything that happened after the program. After the birth of her first child, in fact, Elmore became a mother again. In recent months – through a series of posts shared on her official Instagram page – Bettie has announced that she has become the mother of a little boy again. An irrepressible joy, therefore, for the young woman and her husband, who now form a truly perfect family. Are you curious to know how she became her today? Here she is:

lost lives to the unthinkable limit
Bettie today. Credits: Instagram

Definitely wonderful, don’t you think? We wish Bettie well.