She participated in Amici and now she will be in Sanremo 2022: do you remember her?

She participated in the talent show Amici and now we will see her in Sanremo 2022: do you remember the former competitor?

The singing event symbol of our country is getting closer and closer: the Sanremo Song Festival. Here we will see new and well-known artists performing with their unreleased, among these there is also an old acquaintance of Friends.

From Amici to Sanremo 2022, do you remember her? (Source Instagram)

The Sanremo Festival 2022 will apparently begin on February 1st. We know that in this edition of the program all the artists who will perform will not be eliminated during the episodes, but will all arrive at the final evening, which will be held on February 5, 2022. Among the finalists in the young category we will find a well-known face of another. singing talent show, Friends. Do you remember her?

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From Amici to Sanremo 2022, do you remember her?

The finalists of Sanremo Young 2022 will be 12, but only two of them will arrive at the evenings of the Festival and will be able to compete side by side with the “big names” of Italian music. Among the 12 finalists is a former competitor of Friends, talent show created by Maria De Filippi. It is about Martina Beltrami, competitor of the nineteenth edition of Friends in 2020. The young singer did not have much luck in the entire De Filippi program, in fact she was the first eliminated of the talent, which she then saw as the winner Gaia.

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From Amici to Sanremo 2022, do you remember her?
From Amici to Sanremo 2022, do you remember her? (Source Instagram)

We know that Martina Beltrami brought before the jury of Sanremo his piece entitled “I’m talking about tAnd”. Among his songs we find “Lights on”, “To tell you that” And “I’m coming to look for you”. We also know the names of the other finalists for the youth category of Sanremo, some of these are Victory, with the song “California“, Bais with “What Happens to Me” And Samia with “Let me breathe“. The final verdict that will see the coveted stage of Sanremo only to two young singers, will be held on December 15 on Rai 1. To make a big wish to Martina Beltrami, originally from Rivoli, it is the deputy mayor of the city who, proud of the singer, writes “Brava Martina and take the wolf, bears the name of the city of Rivoli up high”.

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We can’t wait to find out which of the 12 finalists will make it to the coveted stage of the Ariston of Sanremo, bringing their own songs and passion for music.