She plays Delia Brunello in the fiction Hearts: who is the actress and where we saw her

In the fiction Cuori plays Delia Brunello: who is the actress Pilar Fogliati and where we have already seen her.

Hearts is a television series broadcast on Rai Uno. He gave us so many emotions and tonight, there will be a new episode. It is inspired by real events. Set in 1960s Turin, it tells the story of the Head physician Cesare Corvara, founder of the first Italian cardiac surgery department, of his young man assistant Alberto Ferraris and of cardiologist Delia Brunello.

Who is Pilar Fogliati, actress of the fiction Hearts, where she plays Delia Brunello (source: rai play)

Our attention is focused precisely on the character of Delia and in particular on the actress who plays him. Brunello comes from New York. You have to fight and work much harder to establish yourself in a world that is still too sexist. To play this character is Pilar Fogliati: what do we know about the actress? Where did we see it? Let’s find out together!

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She plays Delia Brunello in Hearts: who is the actress and where we have already seen her

In the last weeks, a new fiction is on the air, Hearts, on Rai Uno. On Sunday evening he keeps us company. This is a television series that is enjoying great appreciation from viewers.

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The protagonists are the head physician Cesare Corvara, his assistant Alberto Ferraris and the cardiologist Delia Brunello. To interpret these three characters, in order, are Daniele Pecci, Matteo Martari and Pilar Fogliati. But what do we know about the actress who plays Delia, the cardiologist from New York? Born in 1992, Pilar Fogliati, pseudonym of María Del Pilar Fogliati, was born in Alessandria and raised in Mentana. She became passionate about acting at 16, when her parents enrolled her in an amateur theater course.

Pilar Fogliati
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At about 20 he began acting in the theater, while in 2015, she plays Betta in the mini TV series The forest. On the big screen he arrives in 2016 with the participation in the film by Fausto Brizzi Forever young. Since 2017 she has played the ethologist Emma Giorgi, one of the protagonists in the Rai fiction One step from heaven. A few years later it leads Extra Factor, a TV program alongside the singer Achille Lauro. Pilar Fogliati also participated in God help us, Extra Virgin, Never joking with the stars. This year she is one of the protagonists of Hearts.