She plays the role of Marta in the TV series ‘All the fault of Freud’, but what is her educational qualification? Very few know him

Marta is one of the protagonists of the TV series ‘It’s all Freud’s fault’, but do you know what her educational qualification is? Very few know him!

You are also eagerly waiting for the second episode of Is it all Freud’s fault? On air every Wednesday evening until December 22, until a few days before Christmas, the TV series based on the film of the same name directed by Paolo Genovese is preparing to keep the beloved Italian public company with some truly compelling episodes.

It is Martha in All the fault of Freud, but what is her qualification? Source Photo Instagram

Focused on the adventures of Francesco, a character played by Claudio Bisio, the TV series not only tells the story of the fifty-year-old psychoanalyst, but also all the vicissitudes he lives in the company of his daughters. Surrounded by three beautiful and very young women, the very nice Francesco is grappling with their dramas, their problems and thoughts. In addition to Sara, who is about to get married, but discovers that he has a strong attraction for the owner of the atelier, Francesco will also have to deal with Emma, ​​who dreams of becoming an influencer, and Marta, who instead returns home as soon as the relationship with his professor is over. There. Speaking of the latter, you know what is the qualification of the beloved actress.

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All Freud’s fault, do you know what the very young Marta’s qualification is?

If the face of Martha in All the fault of Freud it is not new to you at all, you are absolutely right! Although she is very young, Marta Gestini, this is her real name, is a very successful and beloved actress. Just think, her first film role was played when she was just a little girl. And now it boasts collaboration with great names in the cinema. Including, the legendary Anthony Hopkins.

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What do we know, however, about Marta Gestini? Having established that her career is formidable, are you curious to know some more ‘background’ about her? For example, have you ever wondered what the educational qualification is? We’ll take care of telling you everything. From what we learn from an interview with Io Donna, it would seem that the beautiful Gestini graduated from classical high school. And that, at the same time as his high school studies, he also started several other courses. Starting, therefore, with those of dance. Up to the acting ones.

Marta It's all Freud's fault
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