She resigned from Rai: “I’m no longer a slave to someone”

She resigned from Rai after years and now she says: “I’m no longer a slave to someone”.

For many years, about 23, she worked with the Rai company playing the role of journalist and presenter. At a certain point, however, she felt the need to break away, to no longer be a slave to anyone: “After all, what do you do with money if you do not have time to spend it and you are always stressed?”.

Rai, fired (credits: instagram)

In an interview with she said that she had the opportunity to do the job she dreamed of, met many people and different worlds and managed to acquire great popularity, thanks to her permanent presence on the small screen. But after years, she at some point she realized that she had done everything she could do: “I felt that if I stayed I would waste precious time”.

She felt tied to a fixed position, to schedules, to a boss who told her what to do. She stopped and at one point she said enough, she quit.

After years in Rai she resigned, now she says: “I’m no longer a slave to anyone”

He worked in Rai for many years, in an interview with Fanpage she said she had the great opportunity to do what she dreamed of, the sports journalist. You have met many different people and worlds and thus had the opportunity to make yourself known to the public.

She felt tied to a permanent job, to schedules and to a boss who told her what to do: “I said enough and I quit. I was 47 years old “, Federica Balestrieri tells For years we saw her in the role of sports journalist, she talked about Formula 1, then for 7 years she led the Pole Position program and then she chose to switch to TG 1 to deal with another type of journalism, she talked about fashion, custom and society. At some point she understood that she had done everything she could in Rai and she decided to quit: “I decided to take back my life, be freer and not be a slave to work”.

fired by the rai
She quit (credits: instagram)

Well, what is Federica doing today? The former face of Rai said that at the beginning he dealt with the non-profit organization he had founded, Riscatti. Then she left for India but she didn’t have a precise idea on what to do: “I had a vague idea of ​​producing something, I bought some fabrics, I took them to a tailor and we made a pair of trousers, a skirt, a jacket and a dress “, tells. She multiplied these 4 items by 50 pieces and once back in Italy she sold them in one afternoon to some friends. The former journalist understood that they liked them and so she decided to give life to her business which today is constantly growing.

Now Federica Balestrieri says: “I’m not the key to someone who tells me what to do, when to do it. I escaped certain dynamics of power “.