She took part in Bake Off Italia 4, but she finished in second place: what are you doing today?

She finished second at Bake Off Italia 4, but are you curious to know how her life has changed and what does she do today? Many are curious to know.

Bake Off Italia is one of the most popular programs on the small screen. Conducted by the legendary Benedetta Parodi in the company of three truly special judges, the Real Time broadcast has always been a truly impressive success. And it continues to do so even now despite 9 years have passed since its first edition.

Second to Bake off Italia 4, here it is today. Photo Source: Instagram

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Currently, every Friday evening, the ninth edition of the talent show is on the air, yet waiting to find out who will be its winner, there are really many people who are wondering what some of its former protagonists are doing today. And most importantly, how their life has changed after the program. There are those who, as told, have crowned one of their greatest dreams. And who, on the other hand, has made pastry his job. What do we know, at this point, about the very young girl who was classified al second place to Bake Off Italy 4? He was just under thirty during the 2016 edition, but what does he do today? Let’s find out together.

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Second place at Bake Off Italia 4: how your life has changed today

He soon part in Bake Off Italy 4. And, thanks to her immense talent despite her young age, she not only managed to win over the judges, but also finished second. A truly impressive achievement, as far as it can be understood. And that, given his incredible skill, we do not understand the reason at all. What do we know about her now, though?

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Having ascertained that Francesca Tiranti was classified in second place in the edition won by the sweet Joyce, are you curious to know something more about her life today? What does he do? Well: we do not know if, after the talent, she is continuing to work as a secretary, as we have been able to learn from her Instagram channel, however, it would seem that her passion for pastry has not faded at all. Sifting through his social wall, we tracked down several shots of his masterpieces. And we learned, finally, that he has also opened a blog of his own where he notes recipes and advice.

bake off 4 second
Photo Source: Instagram

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