She was a student at the time of Masterchef, today you would never imagine where she works: what she does

At the time of Masterchef she was a student of just 26 years, today you would never imagine where she works: what she does and how she has changed.

After having fully retraced the path of the third season of Masterchef, all its lovers and admirers cannot help but remember the emotions of the fourth, the one won by Stefano Callegaro. Just recently, for example, we told you how the life of the runner-up that year changed, but what we know about the very young Amelia Falco.

Masterchef 4. Credits: Youtube

At the time of his participation in Masterchef, Amelia was just 26 years old and she was one student, but he had said he had always had a passion for cooking. On the other hand, seeing the masterpieces and dishes that she prepared episode after episode to the three judges of the program, we absolutely cannot blame her. But what happened after the famous cooking talent? To win, as we said, was Stefano, while the young Nicolò Prati managed to win the second place. So how has the life of the young Falco changed after third place? We were able to track her down on Instagram and we discovered that today her life is completely different from the one told during her experience at Masterchef.

She was a student at Masterchef, today her life is different: what she does

It is definitely not the first time that we have talked to you about people who – after taking part in a TV program – completely change their lives. She is the example of a former suitor and tronista of Men and Women, who just recently announced that she is the host of a TV program. Among the many people, however, who have completely revolutionized their days after making their debut in the world of entertainment, however, there is also her: Amelia Falco, third classified of the fourth edition of Masterchef. She was 26 at the time, she was one student of economics and commerce, yet he already had clear ideas about what he wanted to do ‘when he grew up’. What do we know about her today? Several years have passed since her participation in the talent show, but has the beautiful Falco managed to make her dream come true? Apparently, she would seem so. We tracked her down on Instagram and discovered everything that happened after her participation in Masterchef. To put your hands in your hair, we assure you!

What made us crazy with joy was the discovery of her ‘new life’ as a mother. After taking part in the talent, in fact, Amelia became the mother of two adorable children. The ‘surprises’, however, did not end there at all. Sifting through her Instagram channel, we learned that her passion for cooking has not only remained the same, but she has also put it into practice. It would seem, in fact, that the bela Falco works for a Campanian steakhouse.

masterchef student
Amelia Falco today. Credits: Instagram

In short, after Masterchef, life has reserved great things for her. And her admirers can only be happy for her.