She was beloved in Bay Watch, as Pamela Anderson is today

Pamela Anderson was a beauty icon from the 90s onwards, her myth is timeless. Here’s how it is today, fan interview.

Pamela Anderson shares with the public of Very true, with the lead of the deep story interviewer of the celebrities, Silvia Toffanin, a personal story made of unexpected twists and details. The actress and icon of beauty and sensuality explains that her existence has not always been as easy as it seems, indeed it is precisely in the statements made that she reveals something for which the fans who have always followed her would never have thought.

Pamela Anderson now (Credits: You Tube, @NotizieDiOggi24)-

Actress, mom and activist, she is a woman who has a full life from all points of view, and it is from her experience that she has something of important to tell. She began her career at a very young age, has a romantic disposition, gets emotional easily, and as a child she made her parents despair a little. She didn’t sleep at night, and to attract attention she even locked her little brother in a trunk! But behind the funny stories confessions, there is something that is foreign to the general public. Because Pamela Anderson she is an international Star in her own right, known around the world for her unrivaled talent and beauty, and these details I am new for anyone.

Pamela Anderson today, do you recognize her?

The actress puts her own first lived made of fragility, insecurities and personal malaises. Behind the myth of the sexy and captivating woman, there is a woman who has suffered so much, and reveals it without filters and censorship. She has two beautiful and elegant children who care about their mother who often has not chosen men suitable for her person. Maybe, a little too possessive. At the moment, she is romantically linked to Adil Rami, French footballer with whom he seems to have achieved a certain stability.

Bad greater difficulties she lived them with herself, and is a Silvia Toffanin who confesses the hardships of the beginning of his career. What she had to do with her, her choices that put her in trouble, and how she coped with everything that happened to her. The industry of the world of show it is full of nuances, some not easy to digest.

At the age of nineteen he moved to Los Angeles, in an era in which redoing the breast was the rule quite common if you wanted to pursue this career. So, she decided to make this choice, not easy, becoming the flagship star of Playboy. She confesses something profound about the difficulty of accepting one’s body:


Recognizing hers weaknesses and frailties in front of the small screen audience, to date she has retraced her steps. She has accepted her body and so as she is and feels very comfortable with her. Her relationship with her better half helps her deal with everything.