She was embarrassed: The star of the moment Jenna Ortega reveals the ‘cringe’ part of ‘Wednesday’ that she wanted to avoid

Jenna Ortega20-year-old, gained huge popularity after playing the lead role of Wednesday Addams in the last series of Netflixwhich is a new version of the iconic addams family from Charles Addams.

The actress of fallout who has expertly embodied the gothic look of her character, has now revealed that she fought to have a line removed”shameful“from the script.

The particular line comes in the fourth episode of the series, based on her school’s annual dance. Wednesday is seen looking at a dress in the window of an antique store, while he is out with Fingers.

“I remember there’s a line where I’m talking about a dress and at the beginning I was supposed to say, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m going crazy over a dress, I literally hate myself,'” she said, during a Netflix Q&A session. .

Jenna added, “And I was blown away because it sounded like… it was just a bunch of little things like that,” she explained. “I felt like we were able to avoid a lot of dialogue in an attempt to make her sound human.”

Fans on Wednesday praised Jenna for making the cut. “Sometimes I have to give credit to the actors who know their characters better than the writers,” wrote a fan on TikTok.

“I’m so glad she didn’t say that,” added another. “Without Jenna, Merlina would be your typical goth teen,” the third user said.

Merlina is currently streaming on Netflix.