She was the boxer of GF 8: you will be surprised to know what she does today, would you ever have thought it?

She participated in GF 8 and was a boxer at the time: you will be surprised when you find out what she does today years later.

How many competitors have we met during all these Big Brother editions? Between the 6 of the ‘Vip’ version and the 16 of the ‘Nip’ one, the reality show has seen many gieffini alternate and many personalities all different from each other. Among the many who, however, we have had the opportunity to become attached to, it is impossible not to refer to her!

Do you remember her at GF 8? Here’s what it does today. Photo Source: Tik Tok

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Joined the GF 8, the very nice twenty-eight year old was able to easily conquer the center of the scene. True Roman, strong in character, always ready to give her opinion boxer by profession, the competitor has been a truly impressive success. Of course, she didn’t manage to take the victory and not even the podium, that’s true. Still, the follow-up immediately after the program was largely unbelievable. But what does it do today? Having established that 13 years have passed since his debut on TV, are you curious to know how his life has changed? We’ll think about it. Although, we anticipate, you will be truly surprised when you find out what it does today. Here are all the details.

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At the time of GF 8 he was a boxer, do you know what he does today? You will be surprised

When he took part in the eighth edition of GF, the very nice Roman carried out her profession from boxer. We are talking about her: the beautiful Alice Caligiuri! Inside the house, as you will recall, the 28-year-old had largely managed to demonstrate her character. And to make it clear that nothing scared her. Its path, unfortunately, was interrupted at the very best moment. In fact, following a nomination, Alice had to leave the Cinecittà house forever.

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Are you curious, though, to know what Alice is doing today? After the success found in the GF house, he continues to work in the entertainment world. Well. Most likely you will be surprised, but no. After her experience in the Cinecittà house, Alice said ‘goodbye’ to the world of spotlights’. And he wanted to return to life as usual. So, the one made up of the gym, training, boxing and family.

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