She was the ‘child prodigy’ of Bagaglino, do you remember her? What it does and how we find it at the age of 37

She conquered the public at the age of 6 thanks to her innate talent as an imitator: do you remember the little girl from Bagaglino of the 90s?

Although thirty years ago the talent shows had not yet made their entrance on the Italian small screen, she still had the opportunity to show her artistic skills when practically a child.

She was the ‘child prodigy’ of Bagaglino, do you remember her? What she does and how she became at the age of 37 (Rai Play)

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Most of you will surely remember Morgana Giovanetti, a former child prodigy of the historic Bagaglino company. Every Saturday evening he surprised everyone with his extraordinary imitations of political and show business figures, demonstrating a propensity for the stage certainly not common at that age.

Born in Rome on September 20, 1984, the little artist had already made her debut some time before in Rimini, in 1991. She was among the participants in an audition for a competition of imitators, I’ll throw myself tonight, which took place at the famous Yellow Flag, in the category reserved for children. Guess who won in the adult section? Giorgio Panariello!

Noticed on that occasion by Pierfrancesco Pingitore, was commissioned by him at the Bagaglino. But how has the sweet Morgana become today? And what became of your artistic career? Let’s find out!

Morgana Giovannetti today: thirty years have passed, here is the former Bagaglino child

Between Crème Caramel, Banana Peels, Greetings and kisses And Champagne, the experience at the Salone Margerita lasted five years for her. Also in the early 1990s, Giovannetti made an appearance in the film Roaring Gorges together with the rest of the company including Valeria Marini, Leo Gullotta, Pippo Franco. In 1994 he led the section of Happy Sunday dedicated to the little ones at the time of Gerry Scotti and Gabriella Carlucci.

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Although she never stopped doing theater, Morgana continued to study earning her diploma from the classical high school. After high school, she enrolled in the Faculty of Economics and Commerce, but then decided to drop out to devote herself to a passion for acting.

He worked a lot in the radio, for example conducting the program The Morning Show, on Radio Globo. He also wrote various funny songs like Ostia Beach And I stay in Rome. What not everyone imagines is that she was the author of the summer 2012 hit titled The Pio chick!

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little girl from Bagaglino
Photo source: Instagram

Here is Morgana in a recent shot on Instagram: it cannot be said that she has changed much, right? Congratulations!