She was very young when she starred in this famous soap opera: she has come a long way since then, but did you recognize her?

When she starred in this famous soap opera, she was really young: she has come a long way since then, but did you recognize her?

It was exactly 2011 when, very young, a beloved character of Italian television took part in a famous soap opera. And he was riding the crest of the wave in a real heartbeat.

Do you remember her in this soap opera? She was very young. Photo Source: Youtube

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Born in San Daniele del Friuli in 1990, the young woman begins to take her first steps in the entertainment world at a very young age. Not only at the age of seven he began to follow a dance course and at eleven, however, he began to take singing lessons, but he also took part in many musical events. The year of success, however, is undoubtedly 2011. It is precisely in this year, in fact, that she is chosen to act in a soap opera that would start after a few months. And so she is immediately sent to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to take an intensive Spanish course. Since that time, his life has literally changed. Having become a regular presence in the beloved soap opera, the young actress rides the crest of the wave. So much so, to date, he is a very popular face of Italian television. But did you recognize it?

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In this telenovela she was really very young: did you recognize her?

The soap opera we are referring to is this: Violetta! Going in for the first time in 2011, the series begins to have a truly impressive success from the very first moment. So much so that, in a real blink of an eye, it becomes a ‘must’ for the whole world of kids and children.

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There are so many characters who took part in Violetta and who were able to capture everyone’s attention. Among these, we cannot help but remember her: the beautiful Francesca! Very young and struggling with her first role as an actress, the girl rode the crest of the wave. And to this day, despite having been years since his debut, he continues to be a beloved character on Italian television. At this point, however, we ask you: do you know who we are talking about? Just her: Lodovica Comello!

very young soap opera
Photo Source: Instagram

Years have passed since the role of Francesca in Violetta, yet the splendid Lodovica continues to boast of a resounding success. We recently saw her in the Le Iene studio, but her career is truly impressive.