She will become a mother for the first time, the announcement of the beloved tik toker: “It was not easy months for me”

She will be a mother for the first time: the famous Italian tik toker announced it on her Instagram channel, what a joy for her and all her fans.

A real announcement, what the tik toker 18-year-old shared on her official social channel. And that, as it should be, she has left all of her beloved and numerous supporters completely speechless. She is about to become mom for the first time!

She will be a mother for the first time: what a joy for the famous tik toker. Photo Source: Instagram

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To reveal everything in the smallest detail, as we said previously, it was the direct interested party on her Instagram channel. With more than 500,000 followers, tik toker is in all respects one of the real stars of the famous social network. Through her social profile, in fact, the eighteen-year-old never misses an opportunity to share everything with her audience. It is precisely for this reason that such news could not at all keep it to himself. “Here I am to share with you another wonderful chapter of my life”, he said. She revealing that she is three months pregnant, but not having lived very easy months.

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The beloved tik toker will become a mother for the first time: surprise announcement, what a joy!

The surprise announcement that he loved her dates back just a few hours ago tik toker gave her beloved Instagram audience: she’s going to be a mom for the first time! A truly incredible news, as you can clearly understand. And that, as it should be, she made everyone mad with joy. We are talking about her: Sofia Crisafulli.

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According to what we learn from his words, it would seem that the beloved tik toker did not have an easy month. We do not know what it refers to, mind you, also because the person directly concerned has not gone into details at all. From how you can read from the long written caption accompanying the ultrasound and her sweet tummy, it would seem that the young Crisafulli has experienced moments full of anxiety, uncertainty and doubts. Now, however, everything has passed. And Sofia not only can’t wait to get to know her first baby, but also to be able to share everything with her audience.

mom tik toker
Photo Source: Instagram

While waiting to be able to discover sex, we wish Sofia our most sincere wishes.

Who is Sofia Crisafulli?

Born in Legnano on October 10, 2003, it enters the world of the web in 2017, but it is only in 2019 that it begins to ride the wave of success. After first posting on her Youtube channel, Sofia is immediately noticed. To date, in fact, not only she is a beloved face of Tik Tok, which boasts more than 1 million followers, but also her Youtube channel is not far behind.