She’s the star of Friends, do you know what she graduated from?

She is the star of Friends, but not everyone knows that the actress is also a graduate: let’s find out in what.

In Friends Lisa Kudrow played Phoebe. The US sitcom was incredibly successful. This revolves around a group of six friends in Manhattan, made up of girls Rachel, Monica and Phoebe, and boys Ross, Chandler and Joey.

She’s the star of Friends, do you know what the actress graduated from? (source getty)

In all, ten seasons were recorded. In Italy we had the pleasure of seeing her from 1997 until 2005. Lisa, thanks to Friends, has become famous all over the world. He won an Emmy in 1998, a SAG in 1999 and a Satellite Award in 2000 for his performance, as well as receiving numerous other nominations. The actress, however, before taking the road of acting, he had decided to follow in his father’s footsteps by graduating: do you know what?

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She’s the star of Friends, do you know what the actress graduated from?

Lisa Kudrow is a much loved American actress. Born in 1963, she is also a voice actress and a television producer. We loved her character as Phoebe Buffay on Friends. It was precisely this role that gave her the opportunity to make herself known and appreciated all over the world.

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The actress has an incredible career. He has acted in film and on television, as in Mom Coming Home, Hacks, Call Waiting, Paper Man, Girl on the Train, Losers’ Revenge, Friends in Business. On television in Cin Cin, A family like any other, Crazy lovers, Web Therapy The Good plac, Friends: The Reunion and in many others. Before that, however, Kudrow had taken another path. He wanted, in fact, to follow in the footsteps of his doctor father by graduating. Do you know in what?

Lisa Kudrow
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She graduated in Biology from Vasser College. Soon after he began to devote himself to the theater. The first roles in low-level films have arrived for her. But she is noticed after playing Ursula Buffay in the Crazy Lovers series. Since that time, it has never stopped.