Shine beyond stereotypes, the Drag Singer Narciso in ‘Make Up

“You don’t necessarily have to win to leave a mark on the world because each of us already has something divine within us to draw from to transcend judgments and expectations”

Drag Singer and singer-songwriter, which went viral on the web in the summer of 2022 for the unscheduled duet with Arisa during a concert by the Lucanian artist, who reached the general public with his entry into the cast of the second season of Drag Race Italia, Narcissusperforming today in Rome during the “Latte Fresco” evening, presents “Make Up”, His first single available now for Indieffusione, written with Roberto Casalino and produced by Francesco Tosoni.

“Always take care of yourself because you are the only thing that matters. The rest is just a blah blah blah who can’t break down your make-up”. It is the message that Narcissus, first elimination of the second season of Drag Race Italy, our local version of the famous American talent conceived by RuPaul, left the other competitors on the mirror of the Werk Room after leaving the main stage of the program. A key phrase that Narciso takes up in his first single, a manifesto song written together with Roberto Casalinoas a universal message to all those who come to feel defeated in life.

You don’t necessarily have to win to leave a mark on the world because each of us already has something divine within us to draw from to transcend the judgments and expectations with which we meet and clash every day. It is the thought of Narcissus. “Make Up” is, in fact, an invitation to shine even when you do not feel suited to the context that surrounds us in a society based on the image in which stereotypes and prejudices are the order of the day. It is an exhortation to wear the dress in which you feel most comfortable to go beyond the obsession with expectation.

Narcissus also stands out in the Drag world: he has an androgynous style, he does not wear breasts or wigs and, for this reason, he often finds himself having to justify his way of being, just as it happens to each of us, in any environment or life situation. where you feel uncomfortable because out of the usual canons. It is through music that Narciso manages to be out of the box, accessible to anyone who wants to listen to it. Music combined with make-up and attention to outfits as a means to spread a transversal message of inclusiveness and make the values ​​of the Drag world usable outside an exclusive environment.

In Francesco Tosoni’s production, “Make Up” is framed in an international pop style. The sparkle of synths blends with the warmth of analog instruments such as electric guitars and the organ, typical of a retro sound, to combine tradition and innovation, reflecting also in this aspect the style and being of Narciso’s Drag: a ‘ retro-glam soul studded with sparkling glitter.