Shipwreck Cutro, Mattarella: “Condolences should be transformed into concrete choices by Italy and the EU”

The message of the President of the Republic, a guest of the University of Basilicata: “The tragedy on the Calabrian coast has involved and moved the entire country. We need an operational response from everyone, both within our borders and in Europe”

“Faced with the dramatic event that took place on the Calabrian coast, condolences must be translated into concrete, operational choices by everyone, Italy and the EU, because this is the real answer”. This is the message launched by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, speaking at the University of Basilicata with reference to the tragedy of Cutro.

“With Afghan refugees including why they are looking for a future elsewhere”

“A tragedy occurred on the coasts of Calabria that involved and moved our country”, said the head of state. “The Afghan refugees reminded us of what our country did two years ago, with the Taliban taking over power, to bring all the citizens who collaborated to Italy. No one was left, everyone was welcomed in Italy We are reminded of the scenes of citizens begging for a ride at the airport and make us understand why entire families are trying to leave their land to look for a future elsewhere”.

“Hurrying up is an essential element for the country”

“Hurrying up is an essential element in any dimension in our country”, Mattarella recalled. “Today it is an essential element of recall because the rhythms of life change quickly, ever faster, and responses must be timely otherwise they come late unnecessarily”.