Shipwreck in Lampedusa, 2-year-old girl dead: search for missing people

Tragedy before the waters of the island. 43 migrants rescued on the rocks of Capo Ponente

Tragedy in front of the waters of Lampedusa, where a two-year-old girl died after the rescue of 43 migrants recovered on the rocks of Capo Ponente. There would be some missing. Two other people were taken to the island’s clinic. The cadaveric inspection of the little girl’s body will be carried out tomorrow morning on the island. The little girl’s body has meanwhile been taken to the cemetery mortuary.

The operators of the Italian Red Cross welcomed the survivors of the shipwreck at the Contrada Imbriacola hotspot. From what they report, they have carried out the first reception operations and discussions with the psychologist team are also currently underway. “Once again we are struck by a tragic event,” declares Debora Diodati, Vice President of the Italian Red Cross. We are in contact with our operators at the hotspot who, as always, are operational in an emergency situation. The news of the death of a two-year-old girl is extremely tragic, especially today which is Children’s Rights Day”, concludes Debora Diodati.

Meanwhile, today’s landings have risen to four, starting from midnight. The last to land on the island were 42 Syrians and Pakistanis. They told the rescuers that they had left Libya. For them too, after an initial health triage, the transfer to the hotspot in the Imbriacola district was arranged, where 150 guests were already present. In the evening the Prefecture of Agrigento, in agreement with the Ministry of the Interior, arranged for a transfer by regular ferry to Porto Empedocle.