Shoah and Auschwitz, it’s Remembrance Day

Mattarella: “Consequence of lethal toxins and brutal instincts”. Meloni: “It was an abyss of humanity”

Today is Remembrance Day, lest we forget the victims of the Holocaust and the persecution of Sinti, Roma, homosexuals and political opponents by the Nazis.

“The system of Auschwitz and the fields connected to it was the extreme, but direct and ineluctable, consequence of anti-historical and anti-scientific impulses, brutal instincts, prejudices, pernicious doctrines and petty interests, and even fashion conformisms”. Thus the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. “Lethal toxins – racism, aggressive and warmongering nationalism, authoritarianism, cult of the leader, deification of the state – which circulated, since the early years of the last century, from universities to living rooms, even among artists and scientists, poisoning peoples, clouding minds , making hearts and feelings dry,” he added.

“The Shoah represents the abyss of humanity – these are the words of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni – An evil that has also deeply touched our nation with the infamy of the racial laws of 1938. It is our duty to ensure that the memory of those facts and what happened is not reduced to a mere exercise in style”