Shoah, Valditara: “Report requested on denier professor”

The minister: “Denying the Holocaust is incompatible with any public role”

The ministry of education intervenes “on the story of the professor of a Milanese Itis who interrupted a theatrical performance on the Shoah”. “The ministry, through the territorial school office, immediately took action asking for a report on the incident and on the teacher’s work – declared the Minister of Education and Merit, Giuseppe Valditara – Holocaust denial is absolutely incompatible with any public role, even worse in places assigned to the education of young people”.

The story concerns a teacher from Milan who, during a theatrical performance on the occasion of Remembrance Day, while the actress was listing the number of victims of the Holocaust, interrupted the monologue by shouting negationist phrases. “This is your truth, just say what suits you, you are completely inflating the numbers”. “No I’m sorry sir, this is history”, the actress replied dryly from the stage to the professor who replied: “Instead it is ideology”.