Shock change to Vite al Limite, she loses 123 well! Today it looks like this, but seeing it as it was before will leave you breathless

A real shock change to Vite al Limite: he loses 123 kg, but do you know how he was before? Seeing it will leave you breathless!

Of shocking changes a Lives on the Limit, let’s face it, we have really seen a lot of them. What we will talk about in a few moments, we assure you, will really leave you breathless! Because? The reason is really simple: she lost weight well 123 kg!

Shock change to Vite al Limite: what was it like before the program? Photo Source: Instagram

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Having joined the ranks of Dr. Nowzaradan’s patients together with her partner with a weight that exceeded 200 kg, the woman felt the need to get back in shape. And to regain possession of his life. And, given the results obtained, we can say that she managed to achieve her goal. In fact, once she finished her journey in the clinic, she managed to lose 123 kg. Thus setting a truly impressive record. But what we ask you now is: are you curious to know what it was like before? Did you ascertain that, once you left the clinic, the scale showed 126 kg, as it was before participating in the famous Real Time program? You will really be in shock!

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A Vite al Limite lost 123 kg, but do you know what she was like before? Shock change

The story we’re talking about was told over the course of the sixth season of Lives to the Limit. We refer exactly to Rena Kiser, Lee Sutter’s partner. The couple, as you may recall, had decided to join the program because of their excessive weight. And both, at the end of the course, had achieved rather important results. Just think, Rena not only managed to lose weight 123 kg, but his scales had managed to mark 126 kg. In short, do the math a bit!

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To date, Rena is in excellent shape. And although we are aware that her path is still all uphill, we can affirm that she has managed to obtain really crazy results in a very short time. At this point, however, we ask ourselves: are you curious to know it as it was before? We will satisfy you immediately:

change shock lives to the limit
Photo Source: Youtube

Really amazing, right? Seeing it before Vite al Limite has really left you speechless, we are sure!