Shock decision after Lives at the Limit: on social media he told a very unpleasant episode, unthinkable

She made a shocking decision after Vite al Limite and on social media she told a very unpleasant episode: what happened to her was unthinkable.

It was one of the undisputed protagonists of the sixth edition of Lives on the Limit, Janine Mueller. Becoming one of Dr. Nowzaradan’s patients weighing 308 kg and in poor health, the 53-year-old from Seattle immediately achieved great results. What happened to it today?

Janine Mueller. Credits: Discovery

She participated in Vite al Limite in the same edition of Liz Evans – to date completely unrecognizable – and the couple formed by Lee and Rena, but the beautiful Janine was able to leave her mark. When she chose to participate in the Real time program, in fact, the woman was tired of having to fight with those extra kilos, which among other things did not allow her to be in perfect physical shape, and to live a life that could not be at all. considered as such.

Thanks to Dr. Nowzaradan’s diet, Janine Mueller was able to achieve great satisfaction: she lost a lot of kilos! What happened, though, once I got home? We were able to track her down on Facebook and learned of the shock decision made after Lives on the Limit. On social media, in fact, the former patient of Nowzaradan has revealed everything, as she could not help but tell the very unpleasant episode that happened to her.

Vite al Limite, Janine’s shock decision after the program: what happened to her

There are those who have managed to realize their great dream or those who are married afterwards Lives on the Limit, Janine Mueller instead took one shock decision following its participation in the program. To announce it, it was the direct interested party on his official Facebook channel. As we said, in fact, we were able to track her down on social media and sifting through the profile, we learned everything that has happened in recent months. What are we talking about?

After Lives on the Limit, it would seem that Janine Mueller has decided to move elsewhere. Currently, according to what we read on Facebook, she appears to be living in Las Vegas. We don’t know what prompted her to make this decision, but it would seem that not everything is going well. A few months ago, in fact, she said that some ‘juvenile hooligans’ threw the window of her stones at her that really frightened her.

lives to the limit shock decision
Social announcement. Credits: Facebook

A very unpleasant episode, therefore, that Janine could not help but tell.

How are you today?

By taking a look at his channel, we also learned about his current physics. Apparently, it would seem that Janine didn’t have an easy time. In any case, however, her physical shape continues to be excellent! Look a bit:

lives to the limit shock decision
Janine today. Credits: Facebook

We hope that Mueller will never lose sight of her goal and that she will always continue on this path