Shock decision by Mediaset: after years three programs greet the public, sensational!

Shock decision taken by Mediaset: after years on the small screen, three programs will say goodbye to the public, sensational!

The vertices of Mediaset, to which it belongs Piersilvio Berlusconi, son of the former premier Silvio Berlusconi, apparently they are considering changing their editorial line. Like? cutting three programs that had been broadcast for many years. A shocking decision made by the Biscione!

Sensational decision by Mediaset: after years the farewell to the programs (Source Instagram)

At the basis of this news, there would be the indiscretion reported by the online newspaper, which he assured of having reliable sources within Mediaset. Apparently, the reason behind this drastic decision would be the desire to reorganize these programs, with a view to improving audience ratings. Furthermore, a decisive cut will probably be made to journalistic resources, in order to optimize those that will remain. After years of listening, viewers will have to greet three Mediaset programs.

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Mediaset’s shock decision: goodbye to some programs!

The decision to stop some historical programs of Mediaset, is an incredible turning point for the reality of the Milanese entrepreneur Piersilvio Berlusconi. Apparently the programs that will greet the general public are StudioOpen, the Tg4 And SportMediaset. The sources of Cologno Monzese however, they declare that it will not be a real closure, but rather a reorganization of resources and the line of all the publications.

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Such a change will obviously also lead to staff cuts. There is already talk of as many as 45 who have escaped over three years. Piersilvio Berlusconi explained with an example that, rather than sending 3/4 different journalists for each newscast to a press conference, a maximum of two will be sent, and they will take care of the news for both Tg5 that for Tgcom24, the only two publications not to undergo any changes for now. An optimization in every respect for Mediaset! Another indiscretion would seem to put some infotaiment programs in the sights of the Milanese company. Those programs that basically deal with entertainment but still provide useful information. Among these could also be the programs of the iconic Barbara d’Urso, including also Afternoon Five.

Mediaset shock decision
Source Instagram

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A decidedly important turning point for the group of Fininvest. We are curious to see what the new information apparatus managed by Piersilvio Berlusconi.