Shock gesture after Lives at the Limit: the news has shocked everyone, unthinkable drama!

A real shock gesture after his participation in Vite al Limite: the tragic news shocked everyone, an unthinkable drama.

Lives to the Limit is one of those programs that continues to give its audience some really shocking twists! Not only shocking transformations and impressive records, but also stories that don’t have a real happy ending! How many times, in fact, has it happened to us to propose to you adventures that, unfortunately, did not turn out well? An example is the very young James King: who entered with a weight that exceeded 400 kg, the man died some time after the end of his journey in the clinic.

Gesture after Vite al Limite. Credits: Discovery

Unfortunately, even the story that we are going to tell you in a few moments did not have a happy ending at all. Joining the Houston clinic during the sixth season of Lives at the Limit, Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient said he wanted to ask the Iranian surgeon for help because of his weight. He weighed exactly 291 kg when he first weighed himself in the program, but he didn’t miss a chance to show right away that he really wanted to lose weight. In fact, it was just like that: thanks to the diet imposed on him, the young man lost almost 150 kg.

Some time after his transformation into a clinic, however, the young man made a extreme gesture, leaving everyone disconcerting. An impressive drama, but let’s find out what happened together.

After Vite al Limite he made a shocking gesture: what happened, incredible drama

He participated in the sixth season of Lives to the Limit and immediately impressed everyone with his story. Joined the clinic with a weight of 291 kg, Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient recounted how his life changed from one moment to the next following a serious accident in which he was involved and which made him lose the use of one leg. A decidedly dramatic situation, as it can be clearly understood, and which pushed him to gain weight more and more. Having reached the age of 30 and unable to do everything except with the help of someone, the young man wanted to ask Dr. Nowzaradan for help to get back in shape.

From a maximum weight of 291 kg, the young man lost a lot of kilos and, thanks also to the bariatric surgery, he came out of the Houston clinic completely transformed. We do not know what happened once he returned home, but on the web we read that he made a extreme gesture. At the age of 30 alone, James Bonner took his own life! A news, as we can clearly understand, more than tragic and that still leaves everyone stunned.

screw to the limit shock gesture
James Bonner. Credits: Discovery

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