Shock story in Vite al Limite: victim of abuse as a child and a whopping 290 kg, how did you become afterwards? Resounding!

A real shock story in Vite al Limite: Dr. Now’s patient was the victim of abuse when he was just a child and weighed a whopping 290 kg.

We are totally used to shocking stories and really impressive transformations, but this one we are going to talk about in a few moments is something absurd! Having joined the Houston clinic with an initial weight of 290 kg, Dr. Now’s patient said he had a life that was not easy at all.

Shock story at Vite al Limite: how did it become afterwards? Photo Source: Youtube

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He was only 38 when he decided to participate to Lives on the Limit, ask Dr. Nowzaradan for help and regain possession of his life, yet the weight of the very young patient was really exaggerated for his age. Having reached almost 300 kg, the young man from Winnsboro recounted his dramatic past to the television cameras. And he explained how this strongly influenced and traumatized his life. From what is learned, it would appear that the patient was victim of abuse sexual. And that for this very reason he has come to vent all his anger and frustration in food. Let’s find out some more details together.

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Victim of sexual abuse, a Vite al Limite weighed 290 kg: shocking story

In the presence of Dr. Nowzaradan, the young Tommy Johson has arrived in rather desperate conditions. At the age of 38, the Iranian surgeon’s patient weighed almost 300 kg. Rather excessive numbers, as can be clearly understood. And which, as mentioned earlier, had been strongly influenced by a rather turbulent past.

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After being a victim of sexual abuse, Tommy said he took all his anger out on food. And to have reached, in a very short time, a weight that did not even allow him to move easily. It is precisely this, therefore, that prompted him to turn to and ask for help from Dr. Nowzaradan. His path, it must be admitted, was exemplary. So much so that, with so much good will and fortitude, he managed to lose almost a ton.

shock story to the limit
Photo Source: Youtube

As of today, we have no news of Tommy. Apparently, it doesn’t seem to have any social channels. And this, therefore, does not allow us to know what health conditions it is in. It must be admitted, however, that the result obtained in the clinic was really crazy. Do you agree?