Shocking images after Vite al Limite: before he weighed almost 350 kg, today he is a completely different person

Real shock images after Vite al Limite: before taking part he weighed almost 350 kg, today he is a completely different person.

The shock transformations of Lives to the Limit there are so many that it is really impossible to remember them individually, but this one that we will tell you about in a few moments cannot fail to be memorable. Aired a few months ago on Real Time, the story of this very young patient of Dr. Nowzaradan immediately made it clear that he would give great things. And, indeed, it was just like that. Before showing you how it is now and its very recent shock images, let’s take a step forward and discover something more.

Shocking images. Credits: Discovery

Protagonist of the latest edition of Vite al Limite – just like Bianca Hayes and the young Julian – the thirty-five year old from Washington showed up at the Houston clinic with a weight that reached almost 350 kg. Accustomed to eating a lot since he was a child, it would seem that the Iranian surgeon’s patient increased his obsession with food more and more when his parents chose to divorce and after being the victim of sexual abuse. Shock episodes, as it can be clearly understood, which strongly conditioned him up to reach 343 kg. Have you seen what it has become today? Some of the latest pictures of him are truly shocking!

After Vite al Limite it is totally different: shocking images

Since his first visit to the Houston clinic, the 35-year-old has made it clear how necessary it was for him to get back in shape. And for the entire duration of the journey, despite numerous ups and downs, he never lost an opportunity to demonstrate how his words were not just gossip – perhaps those of Angela Gutierrez – but the true reality of the facts. Already at the time of his journey to the clinic, in fact, the young man has lost many kilos, reaching a weight of 290 kg and satisfying Dr. Nowzaradan’s request. Once he returned home, however, he completely shocked everyone with his transformation. A few months after his participation in the famous Real Time program, we were able to track him down on Instagram and we saw with our own eyes how much today the Houston doctor’s patient has completely changed.

Many will remember him, we are sure. We are talking about Paul MacNeill, protagonist of the sixth episode of Lives to the Limit during its latest edition. The young man, as we said, has given ample demonstration of wanting to get back in shape during the program. And, once the spotlights were turned off, he confirmed it by far. Look today how he became:

shock images lives to the limit
Paul MacNeill today. Credits: Instagram

A truly breathtaking transformation, don’t you think? In the meantime, we take this opportunity to congratulate him.