Shocking to see on TV: Paty Maldonado excites live with a deep confession for her future

Opinionist, singer and television personality Erika Patricia Maldonado Aravenaknown to all as patty maldonadoeither the maldocould not hold back the tears in the “Tal Cual” program when talking about the health problems that afflict her in her ear and her fears of aging.

Health and aging problems

During her participation in the program, Maldonado opened up about the health problems that afflict her in her ear and how this has affected her quality of life. She explained that, although she had gone to an ENT, he had told her that there was nothing to do and that her only solution was to use a hearing aid.

Maldonado confessed that this had made him very sad, since he never thought that he would have to use one. In addition, he pointed out that one of the big problems had been the constant use of headphones to listen to directors on television, added to age.

The fear of aging

It was then that his partner, friend and panelist raquel argandoña He asked him why he got emotional when talking about it, to which Maldonado replied that aging was a “shit disease.” He explained that old age gradually undermines the body, affecting vision, hearing, knees, hips and other organs.

Maldonado confessed that he did not want to age that way and that he was afraid of losing the energy he currently had. In turn, he pointed out that many of the viewers could be going through the same thing.

Support from your peers

During the conversation, Maldonado received the support of his colleagues on the program. Viñuela praised her for everything she did for her at 72 years of age and Argandoña hugged her tightly when she saw her so excited.