Short cut for Aylin in Daydreamer: forget it, today the actress shows her new ‘image’

She played Aylin in Daydreamer: after the end of the series the actress changed her look, here she is today in all her beauty.

Daydreamer is one of the most beautiful Turkish series broadcast in Italy and in many other countries. It has had impressive success everywhere. The whole cast has left their mark and in particular is the love story between Can and Sanem to have made viewers dream. A love hindered from the beginning by lies until there is the twist.

Aylin in Daydreamer (credits: youtube)

When the couple unites, problems and misunderstandings begin to arise. The young woman believes that the photographer burned her book, which was actually done by Yigit. Unjustly accused, Can leaves to return after some time. Despite the temporal distance to return, it seems that nothing has changed between the two and their hearts are starting to beat stronger than before. In the first part of the story we saw that the difficulties affected not only their love but also the company of the Divit family.

Someone has tried in every way to sabotage his business, for example Aylin, girlfriend and then ex of Emre, brother of Can. In fact, it is she, together with the man, who tries to discover the professional movements of the company in advance so as to be the first to take the business that the Divits try to establish with other companies. At a certain point in the story, however, the woman is arrested. More than a year has passed since the last time we saw the actress in the role of Aylin, today we reveal that she has totally changed her look.

It’s Aylin in Daydreamer: after more than a year the actress has changed her look, here she is today

The love story between Can and Sanem was the backdrop for Daydreamer but other events have entered the plot. In the beginning, one of the characters that was the center of attention is that of Aylinthe girlfriend and then ex-girlfriend of Emre, brother of the photographer.

The woman is in business with the man to discover all the movements of the company and somehow anticipate and sabotage it. After the end of her relationship, she comes into contact with Enzo Fabbri. Shortly thereafter she is arrested for dirty work. We saw it from the first episode up to the twenty-ninth: how is the actress who played her today?

aylin daydreamer
Daydreamer, actress today (credits: instagram)

More than a year later Sevcan Yasar, interpreter of Aylin, she appears completely different. Today the actress shows herself with a new image. In Daydreamer we saw her with a very short hair and a bright black color, while today she sports a lighter shade almost on the brown and the hair is much longer. She also looks great with this new look as Sevcan is beautiful in all facets. Did you follow her character in the Turkish series?