Shots against a camper in Corsica, an Italian tourist injured: serious but out of danger

The Italian tourist who yesterday evening was injured by a bullet while in her camper in Corsica is seriously injured but not in danger of life. The 58-year-old woman was aboard her stationary vehicle in Casanova, near Corte, when she was hit by a volley of gunshots. Her husband who was with her at the time of the shooting was unharmed. The tourist is now in the hospital and the Bastia prosecutor’s office is investigating the fact, which she has announced that she has opened an investigation into attempted murder.

Serious but not life threatening

The Italian woman was operated on urgently during the night by the doctors of the Bastia hospital for a deep wound to the abdomen and now her life is not in danger. The tourist was in Corsica to spend a holiday with her family and, according to information reported by some local newspapers, they should have returned to Italy today. The camper was parked in a rest area along the RT 20 road when the barrage of bullets hit the vehicle. It was about 10pm last night.

An investigation has been opened

“An investigation into attempted murder has been opened,” said the prosecutor of the Republic of Bastia, Arnaud Viornery, taking stock of the incident. , he added. The prosecutor specified that the vehicle was parked in a rest area but that the tourists practiced “free camping”, not in areas set up for tents, caravans and campers. Viornery confirmed that “several shots” were fired at the Italians’ camper and one hit the victim in the abdomen. The woman was initially transported to the Corte hospital, but given her condition, she was transferred shortly after by helicopter to the Bastia hospital: “The operation lasted all night”, specified the prosecutor, confirming that the Italian is now out of danger.