Show the baby bump on the red carpet: so comes the announcement of the beloved actress, she is pregnant!

Show her baby bump on the red carpet: so comes the announcement of the beloved actress, she is pregnant; the details of the wonderful news.

She appeared on the red carpet of a very important event and showed her baby bump for the first time. This is how the beloved star revealed to the world that he is pregnant!

Beloved actress (Credits Instagram)

An enchanting minidress studded with sequins highlighted the star’s sweet belly, who will become a mother for the fourth time! An original announcement, but not too much: even on the occasion of previous pregnancies, the actress has revealed everything about her by showing her roundness in worldly events. But who is going to welcome the fourth baby into the family? They are one of the most solid and loved couples in the world of entertainment. Let’s find out all the details!

The beloved actress is pregnant: the fourth baby is on the way

The announcement came as a surprise, during the tenth edition of theAnnual Forbes Power Women’s Summit. Rumors of an alleged pregnancy had been in the air for several weeks and the confirmation came just as the star showed everyone her obvious tummy on the red carpet of the event in New York. Who are we talking about?

Of the wonderful Blake Lively, expecting her fourth child by Ryan Reynolds. The two actors got married in 2012, two years after the first meeting on the set of the film Green Lantern The beginning of a beautiful love story, from which they were already born three little girls: James is 7, Inez 5 and little Betty is two. Soon, however, the family will expand again: baby number four is on the way. The unforgettable Serena from Gossip Girl announced it on the red carpet of the Forbes event, not hiding her new curves.

For the occasion, Lively wore a Valentino minidress, covered with golden sequins. What hasn’t been covered, though, is Blake’s tummy, as she prepares to become a mom for the fourth time. Will the blue bow arrive for the first time? At the moment, the couple has not revealed anything about the sex and possible name of the unborn child.

beloved pregnant actress
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds (Instagram Credits)

An immense joy for one of the most glamorous couples in Hollywood, but who puts family and time with their children first. Just in 2021, Ryan Reynolds had announced to Linkedin News a temporary stop from the cinema in order not to waste precious time in the company of his children. The actor explained that he and Blake never work on a film at the same time, so that at least one of the parents is at home with the children. What can I say, a family to be envied. All our best wishes for future mom and dad Blake and Ryan!