Shows and an avenue, Castiglioncello recalls Micha van Hoecke

Two non-stop days dedicated to the great choreographer of Russian origin who died at the Pasquini Castle, home of his Ensemble for almost 30 years, with Tre Baci per Micha ‘winner of the Special Mic Project – Live Entertainment, signed by his wife Miki Matsuse. Expected, among others, Luciana Savignano, Manuel Paruccini, Rimi Cerloj, Viola Cecchini, Yoko Wakabayashi, Adriana Borriuello and Chiara Nicastro

One year after the death of Micha van Hoecke (7 August 2021) the avenue that in Castiglioncello, from Piazza della Vittoria leads to Castello Pasquini, will be named after the great choreographer of Russian origin who had chosen Rosignano as his chosen homeland, home for almost 30 years of his company the Ensemble, a beloved place where some of his greatest creations were born, from ‘Guitare’ to ‘Dernière danse?’. The Municipality of Rosignano Marittimo and the Armunia Foundation also dedicate two days of events, shows, meetings, video projections (15 and 16 July) to Micha van Hoecke with ‘Three kisses for Micha ‘winner of the ‘Special Projects’ call of the Mic- Live Entertainment.

“It is difficult to explain the importance that Micha van Hoecke has played for the community of Rosignano – declared the mayor Daniele Donati– Micha deeply loved our territory. Arriving in Castiglioncello in 1984, he created his most beautiful shows at the Pasquini Castle and bought a house in the village of Rosignano Marittimo. The cosmopolitan, creative and poetic spirit of the Ensemble has brought new energies, not only on the stage, but in the daily life of our country, bringing ordinary people closer to theater and dance, inspiring new generations of artists and enthusiasts, helping to form an aware public ready to welcome the innovation of performing art “.

“At the same time Micha and his dancers have become Rosignano’s ‘ambassadors’ in the world – added Donati – making Castiglioncello known beyond national borders and renewing its tradition as a place of art and culture.” On 7 August a year ago Micha he left us and we who knew and appreciated him have the task of transmitting his memory and his art, starting from this Municipality of which the master van Hoecke, I like to remember, was an illustrious citizen – added the councilor for culture Licia Montagnani – Dedicating the avenue to him is the first initiative that the Municipality of Rosignano Marittimo intends to carry out to honor his memory “.

Tribute to Micha van Hoecke by his dancers are Adriana Borriello, Michela Barasciutti, Marta Capaccioli, Gloria Dorliguzzo, Miki Matsuse, Ilenia Romano, Carlotta Sagna.

“With the Armunia Foundation we asked Miki Matsuse van Hoecke to create an event that could worthily honor the master – added Licia Montagnani – Miki also involved the students of our dance schools, because Micha’s dream was to teach and transmit his art to younger, then he gathered the dancers who collaborated with him, to be once again all together with Micha to dance “. Angela Fumarola who with Fabio Masi shares the artistic direction of the Armunia foundation recalled how” Three kisses for Micha is “a dedication to maestro van Hoecke and to the indelible memory of his Ensemble. How much dance he created here in the Municipality of Rosignano Marittimo, where for over 30 years the Ensemble had artistic and creative headquarters. In the 80s it was the first residence, the one that Armunia called, many years later, to make it a vocation “.

“Every summer at Castello Pasquini previews of his works were presented, because Micha did not leave for world tours, without meeting his audience and his friends, in the tensile structure of Castello Pasquini. How could we pay homage to him without thinking of transmitting his art to the newest generations ? – he added again – And so we decided to pass a sliver of his choreographic heritage to some very small dancers with the care of Miki Matsuse “. On 15 July (9.15 pm), in the concert area of ​​Castello Pasquini, in Castiglioncello, ‘Primo bacio – Les enfants’ will be staged with the choreography of Micha van Hoecke and Miki Matsuse). The writer François Weyergans, a member of the Academìe francaise and friend of Micha, often told him that he should create a show about Eric Von Stroheim that he looked a lot like.

The great Austrian-born director had made the silent film ‘Folies de femmes’, a title that we find among Micha’s never realized dreams. In order to restore that dream to him, Miki Matsuse van Hoecke will make dance only female artists, those who with sensitivity, rigor and love, shared a piece of the road with Micha. So here is the ‘Second kiss -Folies de femmes’ with the choreography of Micha van Hoecke and other authors. The interpreters are Adriana Borriello, Michela Barasciutti, Marta Capaccioli, Gloria Dorliguzzo, Miki Matsuse, Ilenia Romano, Carlotta Sagna.

On the last day Luciana Savignano, Marco Pierin and Manuel Paruccini waited in Castiglioncello

On July 16 (at 9.15 pm), again in the concert area of ​​Castello Pasquini, in Castiglioncello, the Third Kiss for Micha will arrive with ‘Song for a poet in love – Dedicated to Micha’. Choreography by Micha van Hoecke and Miki Matsuse with Rimi Cerloj, Viola Cecchini, Yoko Wakabayashi, Chiara Nicastro, Giorgia Massaro, Francesca De Lorenzi, Martina Cicognani, Marta Capaccioli, Gloria Dorliguzzo, Miki Matsuse and with the participation of Luciana Savignano, Marco Pierin and Manuel Paruccini. The show will be on the bill at the Ravenna Festival on 20 July.

On 15 July, the film of the world premiere (8 August 1987) of Micha van Hoecke’s ‘Nevsky Prospect’ will also be screened, which debuted at the Montepulciano International Art Shipyard with Franco Di Francescantonio and the Ballet Théâtre L’ensemble. Will Friday at La dernière danse conclude the evening? music by JJCale, starring a group of young students from local schools.